3 Tips to Rock Your Real Estate Transactions

Do you get that warm fuzzy feeling when you have an executed contract in hand and ready to go into the closing phase? Or, do you get a little excited then panic because you are now responsible for managing the contract?

Let me share a little story with you on how we helped an agent become the top agent in his market and in his company by managing the transaction.

We had an agent come to us about 7 years ago he had a small team of 3 agents.  They struggled to close their contracts, had no system in place, did not have any organization whatsoever and were barley closing 1 transaction a month.  He calls Kim Hughes & Company and we discuss the issues they were having and offered a solution.  Within 48 hours we were managing 3 contracts that were already pending.  We created an

  • Action Plan for his team
  • Created a system along with a checklist for his business
  • Organized his vendors
  • Created a drip campaign and by bringing us into his business he did not have train us because we already knew what we needed to know to be in compliance with his brokerage, franchise and state.

Since then we have been the transaction coordinator for the team.  We took him from barely closing 1 per month to closing 3-5 per week.

By taking the pressure off the team we were able to give this agent and his team the confidence to go out and do what they loved.  They were excited again about real estate.

3  Tips to Rock Your Real Estate Transactions

Most real estate agents do not enjoy the transaction phase of a contract because this is detailed, structured, deadlines, etc not to mention you have to manage all the parties involved. That is no fun, right? You want to get out there and do what you do best and that is helping your client find that forever home or to help your seller get their home sold quickly and for the most the market will bear, right?

Well, if you do not enjoy, have the time or the patience to make sure the most important piece to working with your sellers and buyers is not being handled to perfection then you need to consider bringing a transaction coordinator onto your team.

Yes, you need help and you need to know that you can find that right person who will represent you in the most professional manner, hold your clients hand, make sure all parties are doing their part, everyone is communicating so everyone gets to the closing table as smoothly as possible.

After all, this is the phase of a contract where you can really shine with your client, the other agent, the lender, the title company, etc. This is where you get that raving review or testimonial.  You want your clients to know you have your pulse on the transaction and by having the best of the best you trust your transaction coordinator.  After all we make you look good and allow you the freedom to be becomes the best for your clients.

If you are that agent who is ready to take their business to a level of 200% customer satisfaction then you need to schedule a complimentary call with Kim Hughes & Company today. We will explain the process, listen to what you need and then come together with a solid strategy and system to work with you and your team as the transaction coordinator for you and your clients.

So, not ready to bring us on? We get it and the goal is that you get so busy that you reach out to us when the time is right, but in the meantime let me give you 3 tips on making sure you are giving your clients 200% in customer satisfaction.

Tip 1: Create an email that goes out to all parties with the crucial dates so everyone knows the deadlines, etc.

Tip 2: Create a campaign for your buyer and seller that drips out weekly to them with tips on what they should be doing to prepare for the move.

Tip 3: Stay in contact with your client. Make sure to stay a step ahead of them with answers to questions they do not even know to ask. Make that call weekly to let them know you are there for them. Be consistent in the time you allow to call them. What day of the week and will it be morning or evening? Make sure to have all the up-to-date details ready to discuss with them.

And, here is another tip. Once you close the property make sure to send all parties a thank you card. Especially your title company.

What is the budget for a closing gift? Make sure to send your client a thank you and a small token of your appreciation.

Then ask for the review/testimonial.

If all of this is overwhelming for you click on the button below and let’s schedule a call so I can talk to you about how we can help you manage your transactions.

You can download our transaction management package by clicking on this link.

Is there something else you have on your to do list? Let us know and chances are we can help you with it. We recognize that all real estate agents run their businesses differently and our goal is to support you in whatever way will be most beneficial to your business. So let us know what kind of help you are looking for.

Now available to help you achieve your goals and find balance in your life.

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