Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has now become a very important part of your business and if you are not utilizing the power of social media marketing with your business you are missing out on so many opportunities.   You cannot hide from it as it is here to stay so you need to embrace everything it has to offer.  With the right strategy for your market, your social media marketing will bring brand awareness to your community while connecting you with the right people.

The one thing to remember is Social Media Marketing plays a vital role in your business and it works differently on different social platforms when it comes to real estate.  Such as… the strategy you have for Facebook will be different than the strategy you have in place for X.  You need a well-thought-out strategy that can be implemented and managed to give you a solid return on investment.

There are so many social platforms and even though you should have an account set up on each one,  you need to look at what each one offers and understand the purpose of it so you can put a strategy in place for that particular platform.  It is time-consuming and can be overwhelming, but bringing the right professional social media marketing specialist on board can make all the difference in the world to you and your business.  As a professional real estate virtual assistant and the first one in the industry - social media marketing is not anything new to us.  As a matter of fact, Kim Hughes & Company has a team of social media experts who analyze and research constantly the latest and greatest of what you need for your real estate business and how your market will respond.

We have been helping real estate agents since 2004 with their social media marketing needs, so we know what you need and we want to make sure you understand the customized strategy we offer, even though you may not have any desire to manage it.  We offer to create the strategy, implement the strategy, and manage it for you, but we want you to understand the logistics so you can understand how the return on investment works for you.  We want you to experience the true benefits of what social media marketing has to offer.

We deliver results... As real estate social media marketing experts we not only offer our expertise in customizing each social media platform with your branding, but we also help you become the authority in your marketplace, we work on increasing your online visibility to give you greater credibility, and increased exposure.  We also cultivate your audience to increase your followers and ultimately your engagement.

Regardless of where you are with your social media marketing allow the social media professionals at Kim Hughes & Company to help you take advantage of amazing venues and get you in front of the right people to give your business the exposure it deserves.

We offer 3 different social media packages for real estate professionals and we invite you to schedule a call with us to discuss how we can help you improve your online presence.

Schedule a private call to discuss your specific needs today so we can create a Social Media Marketing Strategy that is customized to you and your market.