2015 Housing Market Forecast

Housing Forecast

In reading today about how the FHA will cut the Insurance Premium and how it will impact the housing industry is worthy of mentioning even though there is not a date set, but The Housing and Urban Development Secretary is saying it should be implemented by the end of the month.   Is this going to make an impact on the housing industry and benefit today’s buyers and sellers?  Time will tell, but it is something worth watching and making sure you, the real estate agent, stays on top of the latest information so you can discuss this information with your clients.

The reason for this real estate blog is because I wanted to make sure you saw this video from NAR’s REALTOR(R) Magazine, which is worth watching and paying close attention to since it impacts how you will market to real estate clients for 2015.  The beginning of the video shares information we all in real estate already know, but stay with the video, it really gets interesting about 3 minutes in.

The information you are getting from this real estate video market forecast for 2015 is information you can use to update your marketing presentations for both buys and sellers, use in your social media, put the video on your website, send an eblast, use in your real estate newsletter.  The more your informed of the changes the more trusted you are in your real estate market.

Need help updating your presentations? Or, maybe you need a newsletter, social media strategy, or just need to get a plan in place for your marketing in 2015.  If so, then contact Kim Hughes, a professional real estate virtual assistant who understands today’s technology and business practices to get you on target, focused and committed to reaching your goals.

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