3 Ways to Increase Productivity When You Work from Home

Working from home is a dream for many. However, it often doesn’t work quite the way you expect. You may not get as much done as you would like or you deal with numerous interruptions from family and friends. You’ll discover that with these three tips, you accomplish a whole lot more.

  1. Schedule Your Time

You don’t have to work from 8 to 5, and that’s one of the great things about working from home. However, you do need some kind of schedule. It may be 5 to 2, 10 to 7 or one schedule on Monday and Friday and another one the rest of the week. Regardless of what works best for you, set that time as your work time and make sure everyone knows that they can’t bother you during those hours.

  1. Schedule Your Work

Just like you need to schedule your time, you need to plan what kind of work you should do during specific times. For instance, check your email first thing, again once or twice during your work period and last thing before you stop for the day. This is more productive than checking it every five minutes. You may need to schedule marketing on certain days and not do anything else during that time. The thing about scheduling is you need to stick with whatever routine you set up and not get sidetracked. You’ll find you are more productive if you can stay focused.

  1. Create a Space

It’s all too easy to lose the work-home separation in this situation. This can reduce your productivity. To prevent this problem, create an area for your work even if you don’t have a real office. When you sit down to work, go to this area. Not the dining room table, not the couch or bed. This not only helps you stay focused, it lets others know when you are a business owner rather than “Mom” or “Dad.”

These are just a few tips to help you be more productive. They help you develop the right mindset to learn how to work when you need to work and take time off when you have other responsibilities to manage.

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