5 Steps to Build a Solid Relationship After The Closing

When you are working with buyers and sellers, it is easy to forget about them after closing. While a client is buying or selling a house, you may speak with them daily or even multiple times a day. After you no longer need to talk to them as frequently, you may get busy with other clients and forget to follow up with them and see how they are doing. Keeping in touch with your past buyers and sellers is important if you want to do repeat business as well as earn their referral business.

How do you keep in touch with past clients while staying on top of your current clients and everything else you need to do? It can be really tough to find the perfect balance. The first step to staying in touch with them is having a plan. Without a plan, even good intentions often fail as you get pulled between many different tasks.

5 Steps to Build a Solid Relationship After The Closing

Once you close on a property, what are the first steps to long term success and ensuring you have a client for life? Start with these five steps to build a solid foundation for your future success.

  1. Write thank-you notes. First and foremost, start with your client but take the time to go beyond that. Did someone refer that client to you, whether it was another agent or a past client? Take the time to thank them. While it would be time-consuming to thank every lender, inspector, and agent involved in each of your closings, think through each transaction and thank those that went above and beyond. It could be the agent on the other side, a lender that made sure the loan was processed on time for a tight closing or an inspector that squeezed your client in around your client’s work schedule. A house doesn’t close itself. Taking the time to thank those involved will build the kind of relationships that ensure your success for many years.
  2. Add your client to your database with all of their contact information. Add all phone numbers, email addresses and don’t forget to include their new address. Make sure you put this information in all of your systems. This should include your CRM, email database and cell phone. If you haven’t already connected with this client on social media, go search for them on each platform and make that connection.
  3. Ask for a review. If you don’t have an email template ready to send out after each closing, take a few minutes to write an email that you can use after each closing. There are many different websites you can use to collect reviews and you can use more than one if you choose. Some sites like Realtor.com and your website will allow you to post reviews there yourself so if you get a review on another platform like Facebook, Zillow or Google, copy it to the other sites so you have as many reviews as you can on each site.
  4. Make sure you add your clients to your list to send out birthday and home anniversary cards. If you don’t have their birthdays, check Facebook or ask your clients. This is a great way to stay in touch after closing.
  5. Assign your client to your call list. If you don’t have a call list, you need to figure out a way to organize your past clients, sphere of influence and others that you should call so you can keep in touch with them. As you do other marketing down the road, you will want to include your past clients but there are few things that will make as much of an impression as a personal phone call. At a minimum, try to call your clients twice a year. You may do this by calling all past clients at the same time or dividing them into a certain number each week or month but whatever your approach is, it won’t happen if you don’t plan for it.

Relationships take work and putting these steps in place at the beginning will ensure a happy and lengthy relationship between you and your clients.

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