5 Strategies to Become Amazingly Productive

At the beginning of every week, we all have high expectations for everything that we will accomplish? Some of it happens but how many times does your week veer off course and when Saturday comes, you aren’t sure what you have done all week. This is an extremely common problem for everyone but there are some simple tips you can use to manage your time wisely allowing you to accomplish more and in less time.

  • It is absolutely essential you have a to do list to work from each day. It’s so easy to keep checking email and get lost in all the new messages as they come in or start working on something and lose track of time. A to do list will help you stay focused and get things done. And truly, what is more gratifying than crossing something off your to do list?
  • Time block your day for various activities. You jump on Facebook to share a price reduction on a listing and an hour later, you haven’t posted the price reduction or accomplished anything else. Block your day for productivity and stick to it. Once a week, sit down and plan the following week’s activities. Don’t completely fill up your week because you will have things that come up and need to go somewhere but put in the essentials and leave yourself holes to fill in other appointments as they are scheduled. If you frequently lose track of time, set a timer on your phone when you are working on a specific task and when that time is up, move on to the next item you have scheduled. Include email and social media in your daily plans and stick to your schedule for maximum productivity.
  • All appointments are important! Don’t forget this. Even your personal appointments need to be honored. Allow adequate time between appointments for transition, travel time and preparation. Keep something with you to work on if you have down time between appointments, have to wait for someone or arrive earlier than expected. Don’t let that extra time turn into mindless social media scrolling. Return an email or voice mail, call a past client or take a mental break and read a book or make your grocery list.
  • Don’t underestimate the amount of time it will take you to do something. If you are going to do it, do it well. Don’t plan to accomplish more in a day than is realistic. If you spend your whole day rushing from one task to the next, you will feel stressed and overwhelmed and you won’t deliver your best quality work. Be realistic and plan what is reasonable. If you finish something faster than expected and you have some extra time, borrow something from later in the week and get it done early. Then when something takes longer than expected, you won’t be behind quite so much.
  • If all of this seems just a little too overwhelming to you, try my 90 Day Action Planner designed especially for real estate agents. This planner will break down 90 days into bite size nuggets that you can easily manage while keeping your goals in front of you and pushing you to reach them. You will start by determining your goals and then use the daily pages and weekly recaps to execute the different steps necessary to reach your goals.

Planning is important for all parts of your life. Implement these same strategies into your personal life and you will see yourself begin to accomplish more with less stress and more available time leftover for you to enjoy.

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