7 Great Tips for your Newsletter

Would you like to start a real estate newsletter to help keep in touch with your past clients and other personal and business relationships?

Newsletters can be a great tool to present yourself as the real estate expert and keep yourself in front of people so they are regularly reminded of how you can help them.

When you are first starting your newsletter, there are several decisions you will need to make. The first is who you want to send your newsletter to then what platform you plan to use to distribute the newsletter and finally the content you plan to include in your real estate newsletter. Here are 5 tip you can and should include in each newsletter you send out.

  1. Article targeting buyers-There are many topics to choose from. A few to consider starting with for your newsletters are What it Means to be Pre-qualified, Saving for a Down Payment and How Large a Home Do You Need? Talk about the buying process.
  2. Article targeting sellers-It is important to educate potential sellers as well and there are many topics to choose from. Consider the following ideas: What Updates are Most Important in Your Home, Showing Preparation Tips and What Do You Have to Disclose.
  3. Article targeting home owners-The majority of your list is likely not planning to buy or sell a home anytime soon so you need information that will be helpful to them and keep them engaged. Some topics to include are Taking Care of Your HVAC, Maintaining your Hardwood Floors or Easy Landscaping Tips for Your Yard.
  4. Properties for Sale-This is a great way to feature a property or a few properties to a large audience. Obviously, you can’t include all of your listings but pick a property that looks great and has a great price and share it with your newsletter recipients. You never know who might see it and find it appealing.
  5. Testimonial from a Past Client-Let your past work speak for itself and let your clients share their great experiences with others. Grab a testimonial from Zillow and add it to your newsletter.
  6. Monthly Market Stats – your MLS posts this information monthly – great way to add value to your newsletter and keep your audience engaged.
  7. Community events – what is going on in the area that you feel is worthy? Maybe a new business just opened, festival in town, concert, wine tasting event, football game with the #1 rivary, baseball season, summer ball tryouts.

It can take some time to plan your real estate newsletter and you might need to tweak it over time to find what works for you and your community  but after a few issues, you will get your routine down and feel great every time you send it out. Make sure you include a call to action in your newsletter and you will be ready to go. An easy one is to offer a free market analysis of their home to get them to reach out to you or maybe offer a Starbucks Coffee Gift Card for the first 5 people who contact you.

If you are going to print the newsletter then you need to decide how you will put all the information together, who will print and mail it.

If you re going to create an email newsletter you need to plan out the program you will use and how to send it out and to who in your database will receive it and will you put it on your website?

A lot of think about, so I’ve attached a template for you to download to help you plan out your real estate newsletter.  Click here for your Newsletter Worksheet.

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