Meet the Kim Hughes & Company Team

When you make the decision to team up with Kim Hughes and Company you are getting a team of experts who know Real Estate inside and out.

Your success is driven by the highly experience and dedicated individuals who make up our dedicated team. Each member brings a unique blend of expertise, experience, knowledge and passion to your business, making us a formidable force in real estate virtual assistance industry. Get to know the outstanding individuals who will assist you in your journey of having a business that runs smoothly, give you more time back and help you achieve your goals.

As a team, we pride ourselves with a proven history of delivering cutting-edge solutions, and offer an innovative approach that drives our technological advancement.

At Kim Hughes & Company we are client-focused that ensures our clients, as well as their clients receive top-notch support and satisfaction.

Kim Hughes

Kim Hughes, Owner & CEO Kim Hughes & Company

40 years in the real estate industry.  My background includes not just real estate experience, but also includes the mortgage industry where she first started out as an executive assistant to the president of a Dallas based  mortgage brokerage while attending SMU obtaining her degree in Business/Marketing as well as Real Estate Development.

I have worked in many aspects of real estate, such as commercial leasing, real estate development, site location expert with a major restaurant chain and then combining all her experience to create the real estate virtual   assistant industry and I am the first real estate virtual assistant company in 1998.

Amy Snodgrass

Amy Snodgrass, Marketing and Transaction Management

Amy has been a part of the team since 2010. She brings a background in real estate to the team and her area of expertise is in all variations of real estate marketing, transaction management, implementing systems and procedures as well as offering her expertise as an accountability partner to many of our clients. With Amy’s background she has become a vital part of the company as my right-hand, She is the podcast manager for our podcast Unstoppable Real Estate Agents and works with me on the back-end of the business. Amy has become a driving force behind our innovative strategies and a true visionary in when it comes to working with our real estate clients.


Megan Bowen, Business Manager, Accountability Partner, Bookkeeper and Marketing and Systems Expert

Megan has been a part of the team since 2011. Megan brings her vast knowledge in real estate to the team that allows her to work with the agent to take their business to the next level by bringing to the table ideas that she knows are tried and true.

Megan is the one to guide you in building an organized, systemized business. She is excellent with marketing your listings, organizing or creating your back-office, as well as working with our agents as an accountability coach.

Megan also brings to the team her expertise in managing the real estate agents bookkeeping. She works with our clients in making sure your books are updated monthly, looks for issues and helps prepare your year-end financials for the CPA.

When it comes to all areas of the REALTOR® business Megan knows it and knows how to customize it for your market and your personality.


Heather Hughes, Social Media Manager, Content Creator & Marketing Designer

Heather has been a part of the team since 2011. Her area of expertise is social media marketing, real estate marketing, branding, reputation management and assisting the agent with the daily needs of a real
estate assistant.

She is also the marketing manager for Kim Hughes & Company where she manages all aspects of social media marketing for the company and yes, she is my DIL and married to my oldest son, Phillip.


Erica Ortega, Transaction Manager

Erica’s eye for detail and organization makes it natural for her to work with our clients on their transactions. She oversees all the little details making sure your contract is in compliance and your clients are well taken care of through the entire process.

Eric Hughes

Eric Hughes – Podcast Audio/Video Engineer

Eric brings to the team a strong background in podcasting and cutting-edge solutions. He is responsible for all the editing for the Unstoppable Real Estate Agents podcast as well as offer cutting-edge solutions. Yes, Eric is my middle son.


Stephen Hughes – Digital Creator

Stephen works with the company to ensure we are always up-to-date on all the latest marketing strategies for social media. Even though he owns his own company Hughes Media ETX he makes time to help us with all thing social media. Yes, he is my youngest son!

Ok, in case you’re wondering where my oldest son is…well, he is a custom home builder in the DFW area.


Julie Mairi – Website Manager and Internet Systems Support

Julie has been a part of the team since 2021. Her main focus is to keep the website updated and assist in creating systems for the company online systems management as well as assist in creating unique products for our clients.

Photo of Jennifer DaRosa

Jennifer DaRosa – Website Management for Clients

Jennifer has been creating and managing customize website for the clients of Kim Hughes & Company. Her expertise to build a real estate custom website is not for the faint of heart. She understands the logistics of what a real estate website needs in order to drive traffic and make sure the functionality is always in motion.

Together, our team is more than just a collection of individuals – we are a powerhouse of diverse talents and skills that collaborate seamlessly to drive success. Our collective expertise and unwavering commitment to seeing you succeed.