Take Your Instagram Marketing to the Next Level

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How Do You Look Online?

Have you ever Googled yourself to see what you can find? While you may have done this early in your career, it is easy to get busy and not think about it again. You may have put a lot of time into your Internet image early in your career but things change as time passes […]

Build Your Listing Inventory with The Ultimate Expired Listing System

With listing inventory levels dramatically low in most parts of the country, it may be more important than ever to aggressively go after every listing you can. While you likely have multiple sources for your listing leads, expired listings can be another major source of potential new business that you may or may not have […]

Pre-Listing Package – Make It Easy for Your Sellers to Prep their Home

When you go on listing appointments, it is very likely you will encounter sellers that really don’t know what it takes to sell a home. From the pre-listing phase, the listing term to closing and everything in between, sellers need your guidance. Face it, you are selling your service as an agent and most sellers […]

How Effective Is Your Social Media Marketing?

In the midst of showing and listing houses, attending inspections, negotiating contracts and networking with future prospects, when are you supposed to have time to keep up with blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest? The key to social media platforms providing the exposure you are looking for is consistency. Adding a post here and […]