Big Goals for 2019?

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Big Goals for 2019?

As the new year approaches and you are setting goals and trying to ensure you have the perfect systems in place to reach those goals, have you begun to identify areas that still need work or that you don’t have time to handle? Don’t let that stress you out. Kim Hughes and Company has an […]

How Productive Are You?

It can be hard to be really productive in real estate on many days because so often your schedule is dictated by the needs of your clients. While you must allow this to some disagree if you want to be successful, you must figure out a way to be productive and still be responsive to […]

Tips on How to Incorporate Video into Your Marketing Plan

With easy access to technology in the marketplace today, there is no need to be intimidated by video. Using video in your marketing doesn’t mean you have to hire a professional. There is room for all different levels of video in your marketing, and while you may occasionally have the need for something professional, most […]