Realizing Your True Passion

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Realizing Your True Passion

It’s interesting to meet people who seem to really love their careers, since we would all like to spend our working time at what we enjoy doing. However, most all of us have to making a living. Is there any way to reconcile the two? Is it really possible to realize what your true interests […]

Goal: Lifetime of Weekends

Work every day, live for the weekend. That’s a goal, one most of us usually meet. You did it day by day, hour by hour, meeting a lot of small goals along the way. You made a map of what had to be done to get there. Suppose you made a map like that for […]

Make it Your Business – Identify Your Passion

People who become successful in business do so by marketing a creation inspired by their passion. Most of the rest of us are employed to assist them. Where does their creativity come from? We usually think, “Wow, they were really sharp to find that niche, wonder how they did it?” The truth is, they didn’t […]