Practical “Math” for Procrastinators

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Practical “Math” for Procrastinators

Practical “Math” for Procrastinators

As I was trying to decide what to write about, I came across a new (to me) website called 43 Folders and found an “equation” that the creator of 43 Folders uses that’s just brilliant! Here’s the equation – (10+2)*5 And here’s how it breaks down: There! You’ve breezed through an hour’s worth of work! […]

Goal: Lifetime of Weekends

Work every day, live for the weekend. That’s a goal, one most of us usually meet. You did it day by day, hour by hour, meeting a lot of small goals along the way. You made a map of what had to be done to get there. Suppose you made a map like that for […]

Take the High Road

You’re a seriously committed business professional, and you invest much of yourself in your business, as all successful people must. You work hard for your clients and strive to develop a good working relationship with them. Consequently, when you abruptly lose a client, it hurts; the more work you have invested in that client the […]

Make it Your Business – Identify Your Passion

People who become successful in business do so by marketing a creation inspired by their passion. Most of the rest of us are employed to assist them. Where does their creativity come from? We usually think, “Wow, they were really sharp to find that niche, wonder how they did it?” The truth is, they didn’t […]

Develop Your Exit Strategy

The start-up of a business is often all-consuming for a period of time – the owner of a new business is focusing on name and brand recognition and building a client base. Day-to-day demands leave very little time or energy for anything else. And that is what is required initially. However, it is risky to […]

Listing Coordination – Get It Out There

Marketing technology can be your best friend or your worst enemy these days. People are pretty savvy when it comes to the internet. In order to compete, technology had better be your best friend. Not much is more embarrassing than having clients ahead of you in the marketing game. They have entrusted you to have […]

Self Confidence

Let’s face it, life requires a lot from us. Most of what we do daily, we have to do. Some of it is self-reinforcing; that is, we know we do it well, or at least well enough to get by. It is easy to get caught up in the idea that we don’t have much […]