Beat Procrastination

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Beat Procrastination

What, primarily, causes procrastination? Productivity requires goals, which require thoughts. We think, we determine the goal, and then – don’t act. Why do we not act? Our emotions get in the way. Fact: Because of the way our brains are structured, emotions always win over thoughts. We know what we have to do, we just […]

Realizing Your True Passion

It’s interesting to meet people who seem to really love their careers, since we would all like to spend our working time at what we enjoy doing. However, most all of us have to making a living. Is there any way to reconcile the two? Is it really possible to realize what your true interests […]

Self Confidence

Let’s face it, life requires a lot from us. Most of what we do daily, we have to do. Some of it is self-reinforcing; that is, we know we do it well, or at least well enough to get by. It is easy to get caught up in the idea that we don’t have much […]