Tidy-Up Your Business this Spring

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Tidy-Up Your Business this Spring

Tidy-Up Your Business this Spring

Spring-time puts us in the mood to clean up, clear out and beautify our business spaces, not only our physical space, but our virtual spaces as well. Much like spring cleaning in our personal home space, business cleaning will employ the same approaches, but will allow you to have a clear mind as we approach […]

Work-Life Balance Tips for Women

Work-Life Balance Tips for Women

There are many experiences in life common to all of us. And then there are experiences particular to the lives of women. Women have children. Women work, usually for less pay. Women are gifted with the strength and abilities to manage these things all at the same time. Therefore, it can be said that women […]

Motivation for Discovering Your Passion

Whatever your passion may be, it is uniquely yours because you are uniquely individual, and your passion is a result of those elements of your composition that determine it. Your passion is an expression of your personality. It embodies your greatest potential to create something completely original. Fulfilling that potential requires some introspection and effort. […]

Make Your Vision a Reality

Most all people have dreams, and a few manage to make them come true. But all successful people not only have dreams, they have very clear visions, and therein lies the difference. Achieving a dream is an end, while a vision is a means to achieve it. Dreams are of the imagination, while a vision […]

First Night In Your New Home Infographic

Just bought a new home? Don’t forget you’ll need some essential items for the first night in your house. Consider this great infographic checklist of items you will want to have. It’s got you covered from first aid items to pet toys. P.S. Imagine you were offered the opportunity to be coached both on-site and […]

Developing Consistency

Being consistent is defined as displaying predictable and reliable behaviors in meeting goals. The first step should be the realistic evaluation of the likelihood of meeting the goals we set—in other words, it would be self-defeating to attempt goals which we realistically have little chance of meeting based on many factors – time frames, ability, […]

Working from Home

One of many great advantages in real estate assistance is the opportunity it affords to work from home. Many real estate assistants enjoy the independence and autonomy of the virtual work environment. More and more employers recognize its advantages to themselves and their employees in increased productivity and decreased expense, and a successful transition is […]

Realizing Your True Passion

It’s interesting to meet people who seem to really love their careers, since we would all like to spend our working time at what we enjoy doing. However, most all of us have to making a living. Is there any way to reconcile the two? Is it really possible to realize what your true interests […]

Self Confidence

Let’s face it, life requires a lot from us. Most of what we do daily, we have to do. Some of it is self-reinforcing; that is, we know we do it well, or at least well enough to get by. It is easy to get caught up in the idea that we don’t have much […]