Real Results Real Estate Coaching

Streamline Your Real Estate Business ~ Get Clear On Your Goals
You Can Experience Rapid Business Growth
While Achieving Personal & Financial Bliss!

Ready to experience what very few real estate agents are able to because this program is only offered to one per agent per their market*.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you saying yes to the following:

1.Feel like there is so much on your plate and too little time in the day to accomplish it all?

2.Feel you are not achieving your financial goals?

3.Feel you don’t have control of your business which is affecting your personal life?

I’m sure you are saying yes to at least one and if so then you are in the right place to finally get the help you need to finally feel like you are a success as a business owner and

entrepreneur.  Yes, you heard that right ~ you are not just a real estate agent, but an entrepreneur so you need to start thinking like one if you want to grow your business while achieving the financial rewards.

Since 1983 I have worked in various areas of real estate and one thing question every agent ask me is “how do I set up a business that is organized and running efficiently so I can focus on what I truly enjoy?”

As your real estate business strategy coach you will understand the need to implement the solutions based on the strategy, how to implement it and manage it?

You need an expert in the real estate industry to listen to your business goals, who understands how to take your vision and put it all together. It’s like giving someone the box with the puzzles pieces in it and say “put this puzzle together and by the way – custom frame it for me.”

This is what Kim Hughes, can do for you. She takes your puzzle, sorts it out, explains why the pieces go where and then together we put it together, customized and gives you your sanity back, the peace of mind of knowing you are an organized entrepreneur with a solid business model in place – like a well oil machined, you will now master getting your business organized.

So, let me ask you this…what if you had someone who understood how to help you get to that next level while keeping you sane?

When you work with Kim you will have peace of mind knowing that she can help you organize the following areas of your business:

  • Create Systems and Procedures in all areas of your business:
  • Lead Generating Systems
  • Follow-up systems
  • Past Client Systems
  • Listing Procedures
  • Seller Procedures
  • Buyer Procedures
  • Transaction procedures for both the buyer and seller side.
  • After the Closing systems

By creating organized systems and procedures for your business you will feel an amazing amount of weight lifted off your shoulders and start seeing the amazing potential you can reach by just creating that funs like a business.

When you work with Kim the experience is not only coaching you or consulting with you to explain to you what you need to do – you already know this, right? So, Kim is taking it to a new level and that is not only working with you to create your systems based on your needs, your personally ad your still, but to also offer the services to assist you in implementing them and then manage them. There is not another company that can give you everything you need under one umbrella.

Kim Hughes offers you over 25 years in the real estate industry in organizing infrastructures of the business – from a one agent show to a 100 team brokerage. She is the real deal in helping you focus on the strategy so with her exclusive to one agent per market group coaching you will discover

Kim brings her entrepreneur spirit along with her knowledge and experience in the industry to help you successfully design a great business for you and along the way giving you’re the freedom to have a fantastic person life and the true freedom to achieve financial success. You can create the freedom to create a business and a lifestyle that works for you? And, only YOU?

Are you ready to take that step to change how you look at your business and breakthrough the fears and doubts that tend to hold you back from having the confidence and the clarity to achieve the freedom you want to have in not only your business, but in your personal life as well? Then let’s get started and stop waiting for tomorrow.

Are you ready to quickly become more confident and so committed to your business and personal goals that you go beyond being stuck and see yourself accomplishing the things that are most important to you?

Then let’s do this….


*One Agent Per Market unless you are a Team that has paid for each team member to be a part of the group coaching.