Team Training

Are you finding that you struggle on training your team to be more efficient, more productive and work together in all aspects of your business?

Finally, a real estate assistant course you can depend on to teach your assistant or for the virtual assistant the right tools for your business to be more productive.  My 17 years of real estate virtual assistant background is now available for your assistant or you can take the course yourself.  Visit The Real Estate Assistant Playbook today!

Many real estate brokers who have a team of agents do not have the time to train their new or seasoned real estate agents in every aspect of the business.  If your a broker who is with a franchise you mostly depend on the franchise to educate your agents, but there is a missing link between the agent and the franchise training program.  The mixing piece is agent needs someone who they can relate to, feel comfortable in discussing their weak areas and how to balance it all.

In my experience most agents really do not have a solid understanding on how to use the technology that is out there to their advantage.  They need to feel comfortable in making sure they use the tools provided and available to their advantage to build relationships, but not to rely on the Internet to build their business.  This is where old fashion real estate will always be the best way to build relationships.

By meeting with your team weekly or privately we together can help you make your team strong, have the confidence and encouragement they need to be successful.

If you an agent who would like to build a team, but not sure where to begin I can make sure you have the skills to find the right people, have the right systems in place for them and help you get them stared on the right track.

Teams are only as successful as the leader and the leader has a responsibility to provide his/her team with all the training they need to represent the team in full confidence.

Call or email me today and let’s talk about how we can get started by building you a team of success!