Controlling Negativity

Much time and discussion is directed towards eliminating negative thoughts and behavior – but what is the real psychology of negativity? What is the actual cause and the actual remedy?

Life presents plenty of stumbling blocks for everybody, no doubt. It’s how we view them and deal with them that matters. Because how we view life and allow it to affect us, or our egocentricity, is what determines our behavior. Behavior arising from negativity then creates a circle that encloses our thinking and our views of life. Basically, this means our negative thinking has become global, and then, instead of reacting to actual events, we are, in reality, creating them ourselves.  Here are some concepts that we may consider about our personal outlook and how we may control how our ego responds.

Determine your global attitude – is it positive or negative? If you really can’t, your family and those around you certainly can. Negative thoughts occur naturally, but if they occur constantly, your global view is negative. Break the cycle after the first negative thought by recognizing it, and stop what follows, catch the next negative thought and identify it realistically. Stop the globalization of negative thought – everything that happens in life is not negative unless we make it so.

When events occur that elicit a negative reaction immediately, stop the labeling and judging of events as “good” or “bad”  –  simply postpone judgment as “too soon to tell”. Then respond by taking positive action to remedy the “negative” event. Take control.

Don’t allow yourself to think in extremes, that is, don’t embrace a negative thought and “run with it”. Stop. You can’t foresee the future, but you can surely contribute to it negatively or positively. Consciously choose the positive view and break the negative cycle.

Isolate yourself from constant negative input from media. Distance yourself from social media with sensational negative information. Turn off provocative radio shows. Divest yourself from news that highlights conflict.

And lastly, get to work. Create your own positive. Negativity drains our energy and initiative and perpetuates negative outcomes. The best remedy is to spend time creating possibilities that break the cycle of negativity by contributing instead to positive outcomes, in other words, work hard to give yourself nothing to be negative about – hard work creates positive outcomes.

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