Developing Consistency

Develop Consistency

Being consistent is defined as displaying predictable and reliable behaviors in meeting goals. The first step should be the realistic evaluation of the likelihood of meeting the goals we set—in other words, it would be self-defeating to attempt goals which we realistically have little chance of meeting based on many factors – time frames, ability, life circumstances, lifestyles, lack of motivation, and lack of personal valuation of rewards.

Consistency requires repeatedly valuing goal achievement enough to develop the necessary discipline of performance to be successful. Repeatedly achieving success meeting goals develops stability and predictability of behaviors.

Therefore, making goals manageable is the first step in creating consistency of performance. If goals are not being met, examine the reasons for failure. Perhaps striving for perfection is the cause of self-defeating behavior. Consistency is not compatible with perfection. Determine what is “negotiable” in task performance; the end result is the most important factor.

Developing motivation to perform consistently is based in personal value systems. The goal itself must be valuable enough to encourage repeated efforts to achieve it – that is, the reward must be great enough to inspire discipline in performance. The reward may be positive or negative in nature. The avoidance of a negative outcome may be motivational in itself; for instance, meeting deadlines for work projects avoids the negative outcome of compromising one’s job.

Consistent performance is a measurable outcome of repeatedly achieving goals. Here’s a breakdown of the steps to take for success in meeting goals and staying consistent:

  • Set expectations and hold yourself accountable.
  • Avoid the self-defeating expectation of perfection.
  • Set attainable goals and measure progress toward meeting them.
  • Strive to make measurable progress continually.
  • Keep a positive attitude towards consistently attaining goals and subsequent rewards.
  • Celebrate successes with each goal met to reinforce motivation in achieving future goals with consistent job performance.

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