Fall Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Fall is a busy time of year with school activities, seasonal festivals and holidays. It is a time of fresh starts and new ideas, and business owners can take advantage of plenty of marketing opportunities throughout the season. Here are a few great ideas you can try, to give your business a boost this autumn.

  1. Hold a photo contest. With so many fall activities going on, such as school activities, sports, festivals, and beautiful changing scenery, there are lots of great photo opportunities. Invite your audience to join the contest and award a prize for best photo. Make sure to include a hashtag and encourage everyone to share the details.
  2. Attend local festivals. Do you have Oktoberfest celebrations or fall festivals near you? Get in touch with the event coordinators and find out how you can participate. You may be able to set up a booth or become an event sponsor.
  3. Offer Halloween deals. There are lots of opportunities to come up with catchy taglines centered around Halloween for your promotion. You can also offer online content pertaining to Halloween recipes, costumes, parties and safety to engage your audience.
  4. Holiday promotions. Many of us are already thinking about holiday shopping. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas are just around the corner. Offer online content regarding money saving tips, budgeting, and planning. As the holidays get closer, start promoting deals on your products or services.
  5. Participate in a charity fundraiser or canned-food drive. You can gather the community to serve at a shelter, nursing home, etc. or you can simply offer discounts to customers who bring in items to donate to a local charity.
  6. Hold a customer appreciation event. The Thanksgiving season is naturally a great time to show your customers how thankful you are for them. Partner with the local pumpkin patch and give out pumpkins to your past clients – make sure to take photos. A Thanksgiving pie give-a-way is always a big hit, as are hayrides. Look at your community to see what it has to offer and partner up with a business, your lender, title company, etc. Building relationships is what is all about this fall season.

Try out a few of these ideas to help ramp up business this fall. Being involved in your community this season, whether locally or online, is a great way to get some extra exposure for your brand and gain some new customers.

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