Five Pieces of Information You Must Add to Your LinkedIn Profile

You have now updated your Facebook and Instagram profiles and should be on your way to using those accounts successfully to stay in touch with your followers and attract new business for yourself. Both Facebook and Instagram offer the opportunity to connect with individuals and businesses around the world. LinkedIn offers a similar option but is based on making connections with other professionals in a primarily business to business setting. The purpose of these connections is to foster relationships among peers near and far to grow your business or enhance your career. To do this, you must first take the time to setup your profile correctly so people know who you are and what your experience is.

Five Pieces of Information You Must Add to Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. Share your profession and the name of the company you work for. LinkedIn facilitates connections with those in similar careers and related industries. If you don’t tell people what you do, they won’t have a reason to connect with you. Likewise, you may want to connect with individuals that work for similar companies or the same company in a different location.
  2. Your location. Another reason to connect on LinkedIn is with others in close proximity to each other. As a real estate agent, consider connecting with mortgage lenders, inspectors and real estate attorneys or title companies in your area. Connecting with these professionals can lead to new relationships, which can lead to professional referrals.
  3. About. Take time to fill out the about section in your profile. Don’t make this overly lengthy but include a little information about yourself, why you are passionate about your career and anything that makes you unique.
  4. Experience. Share information about your previous positions and the prior companies you worked for. It’s easy to lose track of someone you worked with a few jobs ago but if they have filled out their prior experience section, you can search for them easily and reconnect.
  5. Education. Complete the education section. If you love your alma mater like many people, wouldn’t you love to connect with those that may have attended the same school even at a different time. Include the name of the school, when you attended and what you studied. If you are wanting to try a new home inspector and have ten to select from, you might be more likely to reach out to the one that graduated from the same school you did.

When it comes time to post things on LinkedIn, you will likely want to take a different approach than other platforms. Share things that might interest other professionals in your industry, things about your local area, and things that show any specialized knowledge you might have since you are more likely to be connecting with those in similar professions and not people that may want to buy your next listing.

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