How to Prepare for an Amazing Vacation

It’s summer, and you need a vacation.   As a real estate agent, you work crazy hours, always taking care of everyone else and putting yourself last.  Well, let’s change that up for a week.  Get your planner out and let’s pick a week for you to get some well-deserved downtime.  After all, the goal of a vacation is to relax, spend time with family and friends, sleep late and soak up the sun, right?   Get that beach bag, sunglasses and sunscreen ready because you are on your way to a truly relaxing vacation.

How to prepare for your time away from work is to get organized before you even leave.  You have planned your week, your destination and who is going.  Remember, just taking a week to stay home, read a book, work on some home projects, cook on the grill, binge watch your shows can also be a vacation and sometimes the best ones.  So, don’t feel like you have to take off to a destination.  But, do plan to take some time off!  You deserve it!

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The first thing to do is review your inventory, closings, any new business you need to organize before you leave?

Find the best agent to step in while you are gone.  If you are on a team talk to the team manager about this and if you’re a single agent decide who is the best agent to help you or talk to your broker to help you out.

Once you have that agent to cover you take them to lunch and discuss specifics on what you have going on, how to manage it, anything you see that might come up while you’re gone and then discuss compensation and any other particulars to make sure there is no miss understanding in the role they will play with your business.

If you have an assistant, talk to them about how they can help you while you are gone.  Do you need them to manage your email, voicemail, etc.?  Introduce your assistant to the agent in charge while you are gone and make sure they have each other’s contact information.

Create a vacation auto-respond email stating the dates you will be gone, who to contact in case of emergency, their email, and phone number.  Mention you will respond to email once a day if you want, but don’t feel it necessary.  Just be clear about what they can expect while you are gone.

Keep in mind your #1 priority is your current client.  You want to make sure you call and discuss the latest activity on their property, talk about what they can expect while you are on vacation, who to contact in case of emergency and any other important notes that they may need then follow that up with an email.

Then allow yourself a day before you leave to organize your business, get all the little things handled, pack your bags, etc.  You really should not work the day before vacation so you can get organized and get your brain acclimated.

Now it’s vacation time.  Enjoy your vacation, shut your brain off, and your body will thank you for taking this time off.

While on vacation make sure to stay off your phone and make sure those that are with you stay off their phone.  Organize your time wisely if you must work while on vacation by getting up an hour before everyone else or taking an hour after everyone is settled in for the night to perform necessary work tasks.  Do not work while your with family and friends.  Promise yourself you will shut down and take the time to reconnect with yourself.

One thing I do recommend is to give yourself some time alone to think about your life and where you are and what you might want to change.  Take a journal and write it down and allow yourself to think about your goals both personal and business – write them down, do some brain dumping, come up with some new ideas, etc.  You can and should take this time to reflect and plan.  It is good for the soul!

And once last tip…. allow yourself a day or two to get back on track once you return.  Allow one day to unpack, do laundry, pick up the pets, pay bills, sort through your mail, return emails, phone calls, etc.  When you plan before your vacation, prepare a little at a time so you are not stressed when you leave and to take a day to get back on track you will find your vacation did what it was supposed to do…. rejuvenate, clear your mind, enjoy your personal life and get excited about your business again.

Now get excited for some great time off from your busy work life, and I hope these tips help you truly relax and reconnect with life.

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