Keep Your Business Running Smoothly During a Pandemic

Don’t shake hands, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, practice social distance.  Does this all sound way too familiar?

The Coronavirus has created all of us to stop and think before we go into a public place, think about our elders, our children and our own health not to mention how this is affecting our business.

It’s impossible to avoid news surrounding the Coronavirus lately and some of the news tends to lead people to believe they need to panic and make drastic changes to their lifestyle. Assuming you are relatively healthy, other than foregoing International travel to certain destinations as well as cruises, you should continue to go about your daily routine as usual. This is ABSOLUTELY not a reason to avoid anything related to real estate.

As we go through the comings weeks and months, there are likely to be many more cases of the virus discovered but that doesn’t mean you are at greater risk for Coronavirus than the flu and therefore your precautions should be similar. What is your best defense? Regular hand washing. And if you weren’t doing that before, that is definitely something you should rethink for many reasons.

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly During a Pandemic

Now that you aren’t going to change your work routine due to this virus, what should you be doing? Call your contacts and talk about buying and selling houses. While the Federal Reserve recently dropped rates, this may or may not impact rates with your favorite lender but even if it doesn’t, mortgage rates are excellent. If someone has been on the fence about buying, the current rates might get them off the fence.

Don’t just call your buyer leads. Call your past clients too. Depending on their current mortgage rate, refinancing might be worth it. Ask them what their current rate is then recommended your favorite lender for them to talk to. Fifteen-year mortgages offer even better rates so if they have paid down their mortgage some and with rates so low, they might be able to refinance to a fifteen-year term and keep their payment about the same. Wouldn’t that make you a hero?

Whether the phone calls you make lead to immediate sales or not, your clients will be happy to hear from you. Be the voice of reason at this stressful time. Whatever you do today, tomorrow or next week, make sure you wash your hands!

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