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Listing Coordination

Marketing technology can be your best friend or your worst enemy these days. People are pretty savvy when it comes to the internet. In order to compete, technology had better be your best friend. Not much is more embarrassing than having clients ahead of you in the marketing game. They have entrusted you to have that property in most every place they’re looking, and hopefully, some places they haven’t discovered yet. Your sellers’ marketing reports many times either confirm what they already know about your marketing campaign, or demonstrate to them that they are already ahead of you. Sellers are smart and they’re all over it!

Listing coordination is comprised of initially listing properties in the myriad marketing sites available, as well as the MLS; managing the status of each listing, exposing the listed property to as much of the real estate community and the public as possible, actively and adequately promoting each listed property, and updating clients on all these areas. This is called due diligence, and it is the responsibility of every agent upon accepting a listing. How well you do it determines your future as the leader in your market as the “go to” listing agent.

Don’t neglect your local service area. The Internet should be an impressive addition to your local market area. It is the greatest opportunity to get your brand out there to the consumer and future clients, both buyers and sellers. Remember, your clients will come mostly from your community because you’re local, and they know you. Right? Your name recognition and reputation literally precede them right through your door.

When you work a lead, the majority of your persuasion to list with you will be the demonstration of your ability to market the listing. It needs to be impressive. Clients are already familiar with on-line marketing sites. They expect updates to be frequent and specific regarding interest in their property. They expect to know exactly how it’s being marketed.

Hopefully, you have many listings, as well as many prospective buyers to connect them with. If you do, you have succeeded in your marketing responsibilities. Your satisfied seller becomes your prospective buyer in the future, and vice versa – your satisfied buyer becomes your seller down the road. This is the heart of your profession as a real estate agent, and if it becomes more than you can manage to the detriment of your client and your business, invest in assistance. It’s that important. It’s everything!

Take a look at your listing presentation to make sure you have it updated, customized as well as taking them through the process after they hire you to sell their home. Then look at your marketing strategy for the listing to ensure you have an impressive system in place. Having these two areas of your business organized will give you the confidence to walk in armed with the answers to your sellers questions. Not to mention to blow their socks off with your marketing strategy and follow-up.

Do you find that with your busy schedule you don’t have time to update your listing presentation, put a system in place and mange these very important marketing tasks? Get in touch with Kim Hughes today and learn how listing coordination can be made simple, with no burden to you.

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