Make it Your Business – Identify Your Passion

Make it Your Business – Identify Your Passion

People who become successful in business do so by marketing a creation inspired by their passion. Most of the rest of us are employed to assist them. Where does their creativity come from? We usually think, “Wow, they were really sharp to find that niche, wonder how they did it?” The truth is, they didn’t find it. It found them.

To consciously attempt to be creative is very difficult, perhaps because it’s not the first step. When we look at some else’s creation and think “I could do that”, that’s great for confidence–building, but if you’re looking at someone else’s product, that niche is filled.

People who are successful and profit from their own creativity have learned the secret – creativity is inspired by passion, and each individual has a unique passion. The first step is identifying your own. Only then will you find an original creation, and a good place to look is your childhood. Frank Lloyd Wright did what he loved as a child, building things, and he did it with a passion for the rest of his life. Examine what you loved to do as a child; children are the most creative beings on earth. Was it drawing, making things from natural elements – such as clay or cloth? Or did you enjoy imagining, writing, designing? Creativity is literally child’s play.

Once you have identified your passion, surround yourself with images, perhaps on a board, that express your passion and intention. Make a list of persons you wish to emulate, who have created a product of their passion and successfully marketed that product. Create your own plan. Begin creating and develop a feel for what it might be like to create as a business. Set goals.

Successful entrepreneurs have discovered a unique product, and they found it by looking within. Where else would your own creative passion and your unique product come from? The niche for that product cannot already be filled because you have not yet created that product from your own unique passion.

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