Make Your Vision a Reality

Courage to Continue

Most all people have dreams, and a few manage to make them come true. But all successful people not only have dreams, they have very clear visions, and therein lies the difference. Achieving a dream is an end, while a vision is a means to achieve it. Dreams are of the imagination, while a vision is a specific, well-defined and ever-present goal, and successful people’s efforts are continually directed toward it.

Once a vision is established and a person begins the process of realizing it, there are specific steps that are required for success. Finding a mentor to aid in achieving the vision is ideal, as well as using the advice of many successful entrepreneurs. Here are some of their valuable insights.

The only way to success and satisfaction is to truly believe in your work and your vision. Becoming an entrepreneur requires great dedication, determination and perseverance – only a goal you believe in will inspire the necessary commitment. Learn every day and challenge yourself. The process is on-going. When you meet a risk, take it. You won’t know the outcome until you do. You won’t regret failure as much as not trying.

Believe you can succeed, otherwise, why attempt such a goal? Keep your vision clear and stay motivated to create it. Associate with people who are successful – the way you want to be. Remember, we become like those we associate with. Don’t be deterred by fear – the more you overcome it, the stronger you are.

The world is full of good ideas; at some point, we must stop talking and start acting. Invest the time needed for the creation of your vision and keep in mind that overnight successes actually took a very long time. Speaking of time, your energy is more important. Your energy manages your time.

Understand that no one succeeds alone, and begin to build a team, not just any team, but a great team. Choose people whose values are a fit; character is just as important as skills. You must have capital to create your vision, and it will take much longer to raise than you think. Develop a plan and spend it wisely so as not to run out too soon for success.

To ensure you are focused on your goals, keep them in mind every day. When you meet obstacles and failures, realize that mistakes are the best teachers. Understand your industry; this is the key to success. Listen to the input of those you serve – ask them directly. Deliver solutions based on your thorough knowledge of your customers. Unhappy customers can show you shortcomings, learn from them.

Finally, take the advice of one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our age, Steve Jobs – deliver more than expected to build a loyal following. The three keys to entrepreneurialism are: Vision, Work, and Perseverance.

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