Motivation for Discovering Your Passion

Motivation for Discovering Your Passion

Whatever your passion may be, it is uniquely yours because you are uniquely individual, and your passion is a result of those elements of your composition that determine it. Your passion is an expression of your personality. It embodies your greatest potential to create something completely original. Fulfilling that potential requires some introspection and effort. All of us have that creative gift that keeps reminding us that “I need to pursue that someday”. Well, you know what they say– “there are seven days in a week, and someday isn’t one of them”.

Here are some motivational ideas to discover your true passion in life and some encouragement to fulfill it. Try asking yourself these questions.

  • What do you spend your time doing? Other than work.
  • What holds your interest and engages you? For instance, what section of the bookstore do you gravitate towards?

Describe to yourself the traits you exhibited when you were at your best.

  • What belief do you have that no one else shares? Is it original?
  • What are you supremely best at? In other words, what comes effortlessly to a situation? Build on these strengths.
  • What interests have remained with you since childhood? What was your favorite thing to do?
  • Are you willing to experiment now?
  • Would you consider trying a temporary job related to your passion – an outside contract or moonlighting job, just as a trial and error?
  • When you look back at your life, what would you want to say you’ve accomplished?

Write in a sentence what you want to achieve and sum up who you are. Begin to pursue your passion and focus on achieving the goals which fulfill your sentence. Use your passion to become who you mean to be as indicated by your sentence, and consider that your time for self-realization has come.

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