In this week’s episode of Unstoppable Real Estate Agents, Kim hosts Haden Riggs –Real Estate Agent and Coach with Riggs Property Group who shares valuable insights in this candid conversation about his journey in real estate and the principles that have guided his success.

In this episode, Haden will share:

  • His journey from a corporate job to becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Insights into the mindset shift required for success.
  • How personal development became a cornerstone of Haden’s approach.
  • The challenges of balancing work and family life.
  • The significance of a supportive spouse and teamwork in Haden’s journey.
  • His insights into handling setbacks and turning challenges into opportunities.
  • Why you should treat your business like a business and the importance of proper communication.
  • Why it is important to learn from mistakes and not do tasks outside of your expertise.
  • The mindset shift required in real estate.
  • The dynamics of working together as a couple in real estate.
  • The importance of humility and authenticity in client interactions.
  • Finding the right balance between confidence and approachability.

I think you’ll find this to be an incredibly fun and inspiring episode and will learn so much from Haden who offers a wealth of wisdom and real-life experiences during this conversation. From overcoming adversity to finding balance and success in both personal and professional life, Haden’s journey exemplifies the resilience and determination required to thrive in the real estate industry and beyond. Tune in to gain valuable insights and discover actionable strategies that can empower you on your own path to success.

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