Here we are with a new year that offers us some amazing opportunities for our business.  By tweaking a few things in your business, you could have one of the most successful years yet!  It doesn’t matter how long you have been in the real estate business.

Make sure to download the Goal Setting Roadmap after you listen to today’s podcast.

As I talk to clients about their goals, we dive in deep to help them break it down into actionable and realistic steps that they can actually complete.   In my 35+ years in the industry I find that many business owners don’t really know how to create the steps to make that goal a reality.  They can tell me their goals, but when I ask them how they will achieve it – It gets awfully silent.  So, I thought the month of January we would take one area of your business each week and walk you through how to create the steps and put tools in place so you can really get excited about achieving any goal.  We won’t discuss the goal itself, but how you will create the roadmap to achieve your goals.

Every Thursday in January we will focus on an area of your business so we can break it down into actionable steps.  So, make sure to download the Goal Setting Roadmap at MY LINK and let’s do this!

Creating and understanding a starting point enables you to better design where it is you want to go.

Imagine uncovering potential blind spots while creating opportunities for growth and by diving deep you are able to visualize and create your intentions, your vision and so much more.

Where do we start?  Well, every agent is different in where they feel they need to focus so let’s start with a very hot topic and one that agents are not using to its fullest potential.

Social Media Marketing

This is an area that you can dominate in your market, but you have to have a strategy in place. You have to know what you’re going to talk about to get that engagement.

Your audience will enjoy spending time visiting you online when you offer insight in the topics that interest them.

So, what will you talk about – real estate?  Yes, but being an agent is so much more than helping buyers and sellers achieve their goals.  It about relationship building.  You have to change your mindset as the real estate business is about building strong lasting and enjoyable relationships with people you want to surround yourself with.

Here are some tips to use when you are planning out your social media strategy.

  1. Get a calendar just for your social media content.  This could be a printed calendar or a google calendar.  Find what works for you.  Personally, I like to have both.  Why?  Because I am a visual and I like to have it all in front of me to write on and to refer to online.
  2. What do you post for your audience? The key here is to be consistent
    1. Market Stats – Do a video and post the images from your MLS
    2. Talk about Interest Rates – maybe even have your mortgage loan officer give you some images to post with this video you will create
    3. Weekend Events – choose a couple to post each week to give your audience some options
    4. Homeowners insurance – get with your insurance agent and do some videos talking about how to find the right insurance and how much is enough.
      1. Umbrella Policies
    5. Just Listed/Solds
    6. Testimonials
    7. Personal fun things – like do a video of you taking a hike, walk around the neighborhood
    8. Eating out at your favorite local restaurant – give a heads up to the owner so you can draw him/her into the conversation about what they offer
    9. A trip around town, communities, etc
  3. Make sure to have stellar designs, marketing that stands out
  4. How To Tips – like how painting a room can change the look, clean out the garage, wash your windows, etc. You can find a ton of information on Pinterest/YouTube or by doing a search on Google.
  5. Promote a home builder – but first, establish the relationship and logistics of how this would work if you promoted them.
  6. Maintenance Tips – Look on Pinterest for monthly ideas (and post them on their own Pinterest boards – maybe another good episode topic?)
  7. Look into your community and promote local businesses (they could even buy a gift card and use it as a give away on social media)
  8. Who got Student/Teacher of the week (and/or promote your local school events)
  9. What are your hobbies and talk about that
  10. Talk about your pets – videos
  11. Follow and engage with local business Facebook/IG/LinkedIn Accounts
  12. Look for people in your community to follow and engage

Know your analytics from each account to measure the engagement and tweak as you see what is working and is not.

Don’t just be a real estate agent, but that real estate advisor who can guide them as they discuss their goals with you – teach your audience about the markets and the real estate opportunities that are in front of them.

Make sure your online presence is stellar!

We all know what we have to offer our audience, but what is your unique offer? What makes you stand out above others

Creating a goal-setting system for your business can be the most effective and straightforward tool you could ever implement.

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