How to Authentically Show Up Online Using Video featuring Chelsea Peitz

In this week’s episode of Unstoppable Real Estate Agents, Kim hosts Chelsea Peitz – Real Estate social media strategist, best-selling author, international keynote speaker, and award-nominated podcaster to offer some great tips and advice on how you can create real human connections through technology and authentically show up online with heart and humanity.

In this episode, Chelsea shares with us:

  • The familiarity effect and the misalignment of who we are in real life (the real US) and the person that we’re seeing on the video.
  • How we don’t write like we talk and how that affects our brain.
  • Her 1:1 video strategy and how it will help you get more aligned with your authentic self and your recorded self.
  • How sending direct messages gets you noticed by the algorithms.
  • Why not everything should be automated and made efficient because at the end of the day, it’s a human being on the other side and we need to be thinking about them also.
  • Why you shouldn’t slip into the video how you can help them because it negates everything you just said to them.
  • Why Instagram Stories is the highest conversion machine on Instagram, more so than the feed, more than reels, more than live videos.
  • Her new training course Real Estate Content Accelerator.
  • Why you need to be concise on Reels and not share too much content in one video.
  • How you start your video matters and why you need to grab their attention right away.
  • Why closed captioning is critical on every video you do.

I think you’ll find this episode with Chelsea to be highly inspiring and informative, regardless of where you are in your real estate business.

Click Here for Chelsea’s Real Estate Content Accelerator course. Use promo code “CHELSEA” at checkout for course discount.

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