“You need to build your relationships with your real estate clients”. I’m sure you hear this all the time. You probably have been given quick tips, gimmicks, and ideas even though you already know what you need to do.

How do you build these relationships, you ask?  You need to organize your client database and keep it organized.

I can hear you right now saying….” Yeah, right – I know this, but I’m busy – I don’t have time and I don’t have a good system in place.”

This should be the #1 priority on your list every day. You can’t afford to NOT find the time! I know your schedule is packed. Starting when you wake up, you have your 5-minute motivational meditation moment, then it’s time to go over your day, make sure you have your appointments scheduled, email checked, social media checked, and family obligations done, then it’s time to get dressed, eat breakfast, make 25 calls between 10 and 12, and the list goes on.

But what if you stopped for a minute and thought about this….

Your database consists of people who know you and who have either bought or sold with you already. These are your people, they matter to you, but how do they know this?

Now think about this…

What if you spent 20 minutes every day organizing your database?  Now, you might have a database of 5,000 or 50.  It doesn’t matter what your database looks like because we are going to scrub it clean.

As I give you these tips keep in mind, this is not a marathon. The size of your database will determine how long this takes you.  The goal is to take your time, think through each person, and do it right the first time. Then you will know how to manage it going forward.
Where is your database right now? It might be in a real estate CRM program, your Google contacts, smartphone, an Excel Spreadsheet, etc.  Let’s think about what is the best option for you to keep track of your database, and how you want to manage it moving forward.

  1. Now, let’s determine if you have any method for your database currently. If not, that’s ok. We are going to create that method. Right now, just look at your database and determine if you have a method today or did you start a method and didn’t follow through.
  2. Who is in this database? All leads, past clients, vendors, family, friends etc.?  We need to start separating them. So first, you need to create groups.
  3. What are you going to call each group and what are the qualifications for that group?
  4. This is where you will spend some time – again depending on the size of your database – we will determine your investment of time.
  5. Start sorting the people in your database by group.
  6. Now, go through each person and decide what information you need on that person.
  7. Full name of all parties
    b. Correct address
    c. Email address
    d. Phone numbers
    e. Birth date along with some kind of reminder in place so you acknowledge it
    f. Anything else you want to include? Maybe pets, children, interests.

Now that you have the database sorted, next decide how you want to connect with them.

 Take time to write out your script or bullets so you know what you want to say. Think about what information you want and if you need to mention anything.

As you speak to each person, you will want to update any information, add notes, birthday, etc.  I find that having a Client Information Sheet to write on makes it much easier to organize information. As you are talking you can jot down information, notes, and anything else important, then transfer that information into your CRM.  This way, you are not rushed to type it in, and that enables you to have a great conversation with them.  Always leave the call on a good note.

Many agents will ask me, “Where do I begin in organizing the people in my database?”  I say, start with your past clients and go from there.

A great way to say, “thank you for your time”, is to have a stack of note cards, envelopes, stamps, and business cards on your desk.  After each call update their contact record, then the next step is to write them a thank you card. Address the envelope, put 2 business cards and the note in, seal it, stamp it, and put it in a place so you can drop it off on your way out that day.  This step is critical, as you are still fresh on their mind when they receive the card, and they will appreciate the small gesture.

When you get off the phone, if your client mentioned something such as an upcoming surgery, new baby, or vacation, schedule yourself a reminder to follow up with them to see how it went. The follow-up is what builds lasting relationships.

As you go through your database, you also need to decide what the people want and need.  This could be a question you ask when you talk to them.  Ask them what they would find interesting and beneficial from you.  They might say they don’t want anything.  Respect those wishes, but also ask if you can give them a call now and then.  But always remember to send them birthday and holiday cards.  I find agents get really positive results when they send a Thanksgiving or Happy New Year card.  You’re not fighting for attention during these two holidays.

Another thing you need to do is consider how to start taking your past clients to the next level in referral relationships.  Remember, past clients, business associates, and your community is going to be the ones sending you referrals.  Nurture these relationships now and before you know it, your database will be running your business.  And, that my friend, is how you grow your business.

So, how are you going to find time to start this project?  One day at a time, stay focused, be determined, and instead of turning on Netflix tonight, take that time to work on your database. The return on investment is so amazing. You will be proud of yourself when you have this area of your business organized and a strategy in place to move forward…

Got a tip to share on how to manage your database?  Let’s hear from you.  Please comment on your tip below and share it with the world.  Sharing is a wonderful thing!

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