When you think of Pinterest what do you think of?  A place to look at all things pretty, get ideas for all aspects of your life, right?

Well, what if I told you that Pinterest could be your number one lead generator, would you be interested?

Pinterest is the #2 search engine and quickly catching up to Google to become the #1 search engine, so you want to make sure you are using this amazing platform to give yourself high visibility in your market as well as on a global platform. Since you never know where your next buyer may come from, you should be using Pinterest as one of the platforms used to market your listings.  This will get that property in front of more people on a visual basis.

Creating Brand Awareness is huge, so let’s talk about how Pinterest can become a lead generator in your business.

First, you need to get your account set up correctly. If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, then jump over to Pinterest.com and sign up to open a Business Account and go through the process of creating your new account.

If you already have a Pinterest account, go into the profile to confirm you have a Business Account.  If not change your account to business or create a new account for the business.  You can keep business and personal separated, but I have everything under my business account and if I don’t want to share a board then I make it a secret board.

Once you have done these steps then verify your website.  Pinterest allows you to claim your website to gain access to additional features.  This is pretty simple, just add the meta tag provided or the html file offered and upload it to your website.

Then, set up your profile or take a look at your current profile and make sure you have a Cover Page that has your branding.  Make sure to complete everything asked so your audience will know how to connect with you outside of Pinterest.

Now the fun begins…. I suggest you map out your boards on paper before you start creating them.  Make sure when you create a board you give it a descriptive title and a brief description to provide context for your audience. When creating your Boards link to your website as much as possible.

Board ideas would be:

  • Selling Tips
  • Buying Tips
  • Featured Listings
  • Blog
  • Videos

The boards mentioned above should all link to your website.  When you strategically link a pin to your website you have a better chance of converting visitors to clients.  So, make sure you have an email funnel that they go into once the register on your website.

If you work in more than one market create a board for each town and link to area attractions.

This could be, restaurants, galleries, parks, Chamber of Commerce, shops, etc.  Maybe you link to your business vendors, such as landscapers, painters, electricians. Another board could be schools, daycare, and churches.

Outside of these local boards you would want to think of Boards for the homeowner or buyer to get ideas. Choose your interests by selecting topics that are aligned with you and your market.

  • Staging Ideas
  • Interior Design
  • What’s popular – this could be paint, etc.
  • Living Room Ideas
  • Bathroom Ideas
  • Kitchen Ideas
  • Landscape ideas
  • Garage Organization
  • Cleaning Tips
  • Organization Tip for the Home

Remember your goal is to be all things to your community and by offering it here on Pinterest you are targeting a larger audience.  So, map this out on paper so you can plan the correct way.

Think about what your audience needs and then provide it.

Pinterest’s biggest advantage is its emphasis on visual content. This makes it an ideal platform to display your support for your community as well as promote your listings to potential buyers and sellers. Leverage the platform’s visually appealing nature to engage your audience effectively.

Think of ways to offer something to your audience to get them to move to the website and engage with you there.

Offer freebies – this would be something like Checklist, Downloads, or worksheets. For example, it could be a buyer’s checklist giving them the steps to purchase a home or a seller’s checklist of what they need to do before listing their home. Give them something of value.

Start a video library on your website where you discuss the market stats, listing tips, busying tips, etc.  By regularly sharing visually appealing pins you can increase your exposure to reaching a larger audience that will turn into leads.

Major Tip:  When you are on Pinterest and you see a pin you like and would like to share it to your Board click on the pin to get the original link then pin that link to your board.  Don’t just pin from Pinterest Boards because this will get you nowhere.

To recap:

Download the Pinterest Checklist by clicking on this link.

  • Create or review your Pinterest account.
  • Make sure you have a business account.
  • Get the meta tag or html file for your website.
  • Add your brand to the cover page.
  • Complete all the profile questions.
  • Create an outline for Boards.
  • Focus on keywords.
  • Gather links from your website to use when pinning to Pinterest.
    • Blog
    • Listings
    • Search for Homes
    • About Me
    • Social Media Platforms
    • Video Library
    • Testimonials

Pinterest is a search engine, so the SEO benefits are incredible.  Pinterest can drive organic traffic to your website through relevant keywords, so when you pin something to a board make sure you’re thinking of keywords as well.

There is so much more you can do with Pinterest and this amazing platform can be your best lead generating tool when you are consistent and offer informative information.

Just think that when you pin to Pinterest that pin has a longer life span unlike social media platforms where your content fades away and you’re always having to post new content to keep yourself in front of your audience.


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