7 - Client Testimonials

How to Get Your Past Clients to Leave Amazing Testimonials

Building your real estate business takes time and effort. One big thing that future clients like to see is testimonials from your past clients that will make them feel good about working with you. If you are a new agent or have even been around for a few years but never made an effort to get testimonials from past clients, the lack of testimonials can make you appear inexperienced. How do you get the testimonials you need to show you have the experience you do and help your future clients feel confident about choosing to work with you?

There are many different sites your clients can leave testimonials on. Some of the most common ones are Zillow, Realtor.com, Google, and Facebook. The challenge is that you don’t know where people are looking for information about you, so you really need a presence on all of the sites and not just one of them. This doesn’t have to be hard since they can write one review then copy and paste it to multiple sites. Why don’t more people leave reviews? Truly, it’s only because most people just don’t think about it. It doesn’t have to be complicated for you to request the reviews. You just have to start by asking.

Create an email template that you can email your clients after closing. In your email, make sure to thank them for choosing to work with you, tell them to let you know anytime they have a question, offer to help anyone they know they might need help buying or selling a property, and provide them links to the appropriate sites for them to leave you reviews. Some of these sites will notify you when you receive a review while others don’t. Even if they don’t notify you, check them periodically and then thank those that have left positive reviews for you. With both Google and Facebook, you can respond to the reviews that are left for you. This is always a good thing to do as it will increase the visibility of your reviews.

Capturing client testimonials isn’t a complicated or lengthy process. The key is just taking the time to do it. Make an effort to do this within a few days of closing. While the positive experience of working with you is still fresh is the best time for someone to leave you a review that reflects that.

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