Real Estate Bookkeeping Services

I think we can all agree that managing your real estate expenses can be a daunting task and needs to be handled regularly to maximize your deductions while minimizing the time spent doing so.  So, let me ask you this... are you managing this on a monthly basis or are you putting it off thinking you will get to it tomorrow? 

Just imagine having a dedicated, experienced bookkeeper who offers you a solid and proven system that is organized and understands how a real estate business should be run.   Then you have come to the right place.

Just imagine ~ You will be so organized you might be the first to turn your real estate finances over to your CPA to prepare your taxes and never have to file an extension again or stay up for days and miss out on appointments because you're sorting through your box full receipts.  Yes, you can now exhale and get excited that you don't have to spend countless hours organizing your finances.

Having us assist you in managing your expenses you can surprise your accountant next year with everything organized and ready to go before they even ask.

How does this work?

  • After you complete a questionnaire about your business.
  • We schedule a conference call to discuss your business needs and all the details.
  • Set up your account based on your needs.
  • Set up your reporting and how to communicate with you and the CPA (if you have a CPA ~ if not we can recommend a couple).
  • Plan how we manage the monthly communication, monthly and year-end reporting

Having the Kim Hughes Finance Team manage your bookkeeping system, keep tabs on your expenses regularly and track where your money goes is priceless and we have designed this system with real estate agents in mind.

Ready to start managing your money today so you can plan for the future? If you are ready to start proactively managing your money, contact us today.