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Real Estate Business Operations

One thing I hear, on a daily basis, is how real estate agents all over the country love connecting with their buyers and sellers. What they don’t like is managing daily tasks and business-related activities. Managing the business holds you back from doing what you love – helping your clients achieve their real estate goals.

Real estate agents often say they don’t have the desire, time, or know-how to set up a business that runs smoothly. With solid procedures in place, you will spend less time on “non-income producing chores” and more time with buyers and sellers.

You need a professional who you can count on to handle the core of your business while you are focused on dollar-productive activity – listing, selling, negotiating, and prospecting.

Our Executive Team Offers To:

  • Develop Business Systems
  • Initiate Policies and Procedures
  • Automate your lead generation
  • Manage your Past Clients by creating a system that keeps you top of mind.
  • Track your Referrals
  • Implement a Marketing Calendar
  • Design Marketing Strategies – Internet and Direct
  • Facilitate Social Media Marketing
  • Create and Distribute Newsletters
  • Create a system for leads, current and past clients that keeps them educated on what is going on in their market.
  • Generate content that is rich in SEO for your website and blog.
  • Provide Website Maintenance and/or Development

A professional real estate business manager is the answer!

Got a coach? Struggling with implementing the goals set to take your business to the next level? We understand how hard it is to work ON your business at the same time you work IN your business. Let us fill the gap between planning and implementation.

“RIGHT – This is me 100%! How do I get started?”

The first step in our partnership is a business analysis of your programs, daily procedures, systems, social media marketing, and more.

Each business analysis is handcrafted and custom tailored to your business. No cookie-cutter approach here. Our review is an in-depth assessment to make sure you are productive with your time, your business, and your budget.

Schedule a private call to discuss your specific needs today so we can create a Business Operations Evaluation Strategy that is customized to you and your market.