Listing Management

It is always a wonderful feeling to know the seller has confidence in your ability to market their property.  Every listing you represent should also receive the maximum in marketing it to the right audience to bring in the right buyer.

What is your marketing strategy for your listings?

What is the sellers expectations when it come to working with them?

Are you able to meet the sellers expectations?

Marketing a property in todays real estate market can be challenging and time consuming.  As well as keeping the seller informed of what is going on while the property is active.  Communication is extremely important and you need to always be a step ahead of the seller.

You need to know the questions they will be asking and have a solution in how you are going to relay that information to them.

  • Showing feedback
  • Statistical information from all your marketing efforts
  • What marketing efforts you have put in place to capture the right audience

At Kim Hughes and Company we will review the strategy you currently have in place then help you in creating a marketing strategy for your listings, how to implement this very important piece into your marketing presentation and how to communicate with your seller by answering their questions before they know to ask them.

Feel the confidence of knowing you can exceed your sellers expectations and by exceeding these expectations you are building trust with your clients which will come back to you in the future in so many amazing ways.

Not only will you create a relationship with a new client, but you will also create a referral network which will be so rewarding to you and such a compliment to what your clients think of your services.

And remember, once you have the property under contract your job is to make sure the closing goes as smoothly as possible.  This is where you can really create a relationship with your client by making sure every step of the transaction is taken care of and they are informed every step of the way.

Schedule a private call to discuss your specific needs today so we can create a Listing Management Strategy that is customized to you and your market.