Online Marketing

There is more to just adding words to a blog. We offer a full Internet Marketing package for your blogs. Since blogging became an important part of your business we have researched what it is that actually works for today's real estate professional.

We offer the following services to help you create and maintain your real estate blog:

  • Set up and maintain your hosted or self-hosted blog
  • Create an action plan for your blogs
  • Submit to the top blog directories
  • Set specific key words
  • Research your local market for local information
  • Target your content that attracts today's buyers, sellers, etc.
  • Moderate comments
  • Moderate leads
  • Create tracking reports
  • Search engine optimization - SEO

Social Networking

  • Create Profiles - We have studied the top social networks for real estate professionals today and are constantly reviewing new one's that will be of a benefit to you and your business. We create your profile, with your photos, logos, market information and your background information and any other information each network requests.
  • Account Maintenance: We will update your content, accept connections, block spammers, update your RSS feed, build your contact database and so much more.
  • Social Network Coaching - Want to maintain your own networks? We can show you the most effective ways to become a social networking whiz. You need to understand the right and wrong way to become successful with your social networks and that is where we can help you learn how to manage your networks so it is not time consuming.
  • Are you new to social networking or do you find you just don't have the time? Let Kim help you create a plan of action and utilize one of the most effective marketing tools available.

See my services dedicated to Social Networking

Schedule a private call to discuss your specific needs today so we can create a Online Marketing Strategy that is customized to you and your market.