Realizing Your True Passion


It’s interesting to meet people who seem to really love their careers, since we would all like to spend our working time at what we enjoy doing. However, most all of us have to making a living. Is there any way to reconcile the two? Is it really possible to realize what your true interests are in a career, other than making money, or is it all just being lucky?

Well, according to those who have achieved the goal of pursuing their passion in their career that is exactly one of the first steps – being curious. How did they go about finding their passion? How does one begin to determine what their true passion is and turn it into a living? One of the tips is to think back to the things you enjoyed most as a child. An examination of the traits that defined you as a child may be valuable in self-examination now. We are, at the central core of ourselves, still the same person. We may gain some insight into what defines us as adults by remembering what we enjoyed most as children.

While we must make a living, perhaps we should grant ourselves some leeway beyond just making money in our choice of careers. For some people, that is their passion, regardless of the job. We devote a large part of our lives to work; perhaps it is possible to actually enjoy that time through greater control of our lives and where we spend most of it. Advantages might include working at home, for instance, or flex time. Our curiosity may lead us to focus on different priorities.

Another aspect to consider is avoiding artificial limitations, such as perceived lack of abilities or education. We each have unique abilities to apply to our livelihoods the same way we employ them in everyday life. Focusing more on what we personally are very good at gives us some good insight. We enjoy doing things we are good at. Discover those individual attributes you possess and consider how to incorporate them into a career.

As the experts advise, after a time, we must stop talking and act. When you realize your current career is not working, begin taking steps to leave it. Perhaps start a new line of study incorporating your unique attributes and your passion while planning your exit. Develop a plan that affords you more satisfaction with your work-style and life balance while pursuing your passion.

Imagine a career so satisfying that you must remind yourself to stop working at the end of the day, and that you think about and look forward to in your down-time! You have realized your passion.

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