Business Tools

Great real estate business tools are the lifeline of your business.  The following are some great business tools for you to implement into your business.  My goal is to help my clients have the business tools they need to become organized.  I hope you find these tools to benefit you as well and if by choosing the right tool for you and how to make it work for you email me to schedule a Business Assessment session to help you strategically create a plan for you to enhance your business as well as grow by automatically utilizing the business tools that will help you get to where you want to be in your business.

Options – we all like having them, right? This is why I created a 10 module real estate agent and assistant course so agents who realize they must be organized, systematized and personalized can now learn how to run their business successfully as a solo agent and has an on-site assistant, but they need training and structure on how to grow your business for you.  To learn more about this in-depth real estate training course developed by Kim Hughes, the leader in the industry specializing in creating real estate office organization by creating systems and procedures for today’s busy real estate agent.  Click here to learn more about this very popular course to see if it is for you and your assistant.

Great Places for Thank you gifts, Closing Gifts:

My Third and Main – Unique Monthly Gift Subscription Service

Magnolia Market – Waco, Texas – HGTV Stars of “Fixer Upper” True Shopping Experience with Jo and Chip Gaines


Email Marketing

Email marketing has become a vital tool for businesses ever since the beginning of the Internet.  Email marketing is a form of direct marketing using electronic resources to communicate with your audience on a broader scale.

A nice benefit to email marketing is you can follow your ROI by reviewing the stats from the newsletter, Just Listed, Open House, etc to you database.  Being able to review the stats give you insight on how to make changes for your audience.

There are several out there to choose from, but in my experience I thought I would introduce to a few of my favorite ones.

Email Marketing:

Direct Marketing – Online Printers:


Electronic Signature Programs:

Save yourself time and save your clients time by using two of the best programs available for securing electronic signature.  Here are two very nice programs to implement when securing signatures for closing that real estate deal

File Sharing Programs

Finding a great file sharing program that you can trust and it is easy to use then your going to love DropBox which is the multitasker’s savior, creating a virtual link between all of your Internet connected devices. Utilizing the cloud saving capability, users can save all of their images, documents, and video clips onto their Dropbox account, which can then be accessed from anywhere. Don’t worry about losing a document, or sending files that are too large. With Dropbox, you can easily share files to other users. Finally, one of the more unnoticed benefits to this file storage, Dropbox allows you to maintain organization for all of your files. Create personalized folders and save your documents accordingly; they’ll all be there when you land the next morning.

Password Protection

Tired of remembering all those passwords to each program you have?  Now here are two of my favorite programs that will keep your passwords private, secure and safe.

Real Estate Apps

There are so many real estate apps available for Smartphones now you find yourself downloading them all to see which one’s you like or work best for you.  Here is my favorite list of apps that are a must for any real estate agent.


CRM Programs

You’re a real estate agent with a busy schedule, and sometimes, finding time to live your life in-between appointments can be difficult. Now, it doesn’t have to. Because there are some CRM programs that will help you manage your business which should give you more time in your day.  By embracing and solving the  management solution, you’ll be able to manage your business in minutes from any touch screen mobile device or desktop . And rest easy, because you’ll never have to worry about missing out on new business again with SMS lead alerts delivered right to your mobile device.

Here are a few of my favorite CRM programs

Virtual Tour Programs

Every real estate agent need a impressive virtual tour program to show the property features.  If your not creating virtual tours then you need to make sure the right program for you gives you all the tools you need.  Here are my top 3.

Domain Hosting

Have you purchased your domain name?  Do you purchase the domain for each of your property addresses or maybe you need to purchase a neighborhood domain, if you are considering any of these here are the top 4 web site hosting and domain purchasing sites you will ever need.

Google Products

And, if you are not using Google Products – WHY NOT?  They have some awesome tools for practically free to you,  Check out a few below.

Google For My Business

Facebook Tools