Sample: Testimonial Request

Hi Jin,

Thank you for choosing me to help you with the sale of your home on 3050 Pheasant Creek #304 in Northbrook. It was a pleasure working with you.

As you know my business is largely built on the kind support I have received from past and current clients.

Much like purchasing something on or EBay, past client testimonials provide me important third-party validation of the great service I have provided in the past!

So, when you have a moment as I know you guys have full schedules, I would appreciate it if you would write a few sentences to “review” me on any or all of the following social sites.

Your feedback is very important to me and I truly do appreciate any time you can spare to let me know how I did.

  • Click the blue ZILLOW button above or the link provided and a new window will open to Allyson Hoffman’s Zillow REVIEW page.
  • Click “Write a Review” in the top right corner and follow the steps (it will only take a minute….I promise).
  • Choose a star rating and type in your Allyson Hoffman experience.
  • When you’re done, click “Submit Review” – THANK YOU!

  • Click the blue FACEBOOK button above and a new window will open to my Chicago North and Northwest Suburbs Real Estate Facebook Page.
  • Choose a star rating and type in your Allyson Hoffman experience.
  • When you’re done, click “Submit Review” – THANK YOU!

  • Click on the Logo above or the link provided.
  • You will be asked to sign-in and create a profile to sign-up.
  • Once you have logged in
  • 1st Step is to Choose the year of the transaction
  • 2nd step is to add your property address. City, state and zip code.
  • Check the box to confirm we have worked together
  • Choose the button Buyer or Seller
  • Add your name
  • Add your email address
  • Add your phone number

Please know all information is kept confidential

  • Click on the button STEP 2
  • Follow the instructions to write the review

  • Go to Allyson’s LinkedIn Profile by click on the LinkedIn Logo above
  • To the right of the photo you will see 3 “dots” click on the “dots”
  • Choose the option “Recommend Allyson”
  • Go to the “Give a recommendation” and where is says “Who do you want to recommend” type in Allyson Hoffman – you might see me show up in the drop down, if so click on my profile
  • What’s your relationship – please review the options and choose “You were a client of Allyson’s”
  • What were your positions at the time?  You: Choose the correct position and Allyson you will choose “Realtor Associate and Real Estate Broker Serving Chicago’s North Shore
  • Write your recommendation
  • Click on Send when completed.

Jin, please let me know if you need anything. I really appreciate your time in writing these reviews.

Kind Regards,