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Let’s face it, life requires a lot from us. Most of what we do daily, we have to do. Some of it is self-reinforcing; that is, we know we do it well, or at least well enough to get by. It is easy to get caught up in the idea that we don’t have much choice about what we do in day-to-day life. As responsible adults, we devote a lot of ourselves to others and often we don’t spend much time thinking about it.

But ask yourself this—what would happen to your life and those you’re close to if you didn’t do the things you do every day? Do you ever stop to consider the true value of you?

Everyone works from one of two positions. You either work to maintain what you have, or you strive to have more. Life is a heavy load, and it can cause us to focus on the status quo, and our dreams begin to fade a little. But there’s always that one thing in the back of your heart and mind that won’t entirely go away. That house? That job? More time? More money for the family?

You already maintain a job, you have food, a roof over your head, transportation; you provide for your family, you are already successful! No arguments with yourself about how you can’t do it, you’re not qualified, you’re not good enough, because you’ve already done it and you really should dwell more on that success.

  • Stay positive, you have every reason to be.
  • No comparisons to others because they have absolutely no relation to you.
  • You know your victories, celebrate them.
  • Identify your strengths and be proud.
  • Build on your successes.
  • Confront the fears that hold you back; be patient with yourself.
  • Set goals, take risks; they’re not great risks because you already know your strengths and your limitations.
  • Practice self-reinforcement and then add to your skills.

Each day has the same number of hours. The only difference is how you spend them. Each job has certain requirements. The only difference is your desire and ability to do them – and the self-confidence to try.

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As Henry Ford said, “Those who believe they can do something and those who believe they can’t are both correct”.

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