Settlement Statement Package

You closed the deal, everyone walked away very happy and you could not imagine how the transaction could have gone any smoother.  Or maybe not.  Maybe that

transaction was a nightmare to close and you were just glad it finally closed so you can now move on.

Either way you are now thinking how can I really impress my clients now that you are in a new year.  You've heard other agents talk about it, your broker has mentioned it and now you are excited to send your last year clients their settlement statement since you know it would be so appreciated and it just shows them you are on top of it and really do care.

And, this can put the new year in motion for your "touches" with past clients.  Impress them and they will refer you!

Sounds great and all, but you don't know how to start this project, you don't know what to say or when to mail it.  No problem!  I've worked out all the kinks for you.

In this Settlement Statement Package you will receive:

  1. Step by step instructions
  2. The Checklist
  3. The Cover Letter and as a bonus the links on what to order, if you are mailing them physically, which is what I highly recommend you do to make that lasting impression.

If you are ready to create a lasting relationship with your past clients and not have to re-create the wheel then you are at the right place.  All you have to do is click on the BUY NOW link, make your purchase, get the download and you are on your way to creating your first touch of the new year.

Ready to do this?  Great click on the link below and if you need assistance, let's talk.  We can help you prepare your mailing for you.

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