Take the High Road

Take the High Rd

You’re a seriously committed business professional, and you invest much of yourself in your business, as all successful people must. You work hard for your clients and strive to develop a good working relationship with them. Consequently, when you abruptly lose a client, it hurts; the more work you have invested in that client the greater the sting. However, losing a client is a fact of business life and business professionals must learn to deal with it positively.

Initially, losing a client may feel like a rejection of you, your efforts, or your business. But it may not be. Ultimately it is the client’s decision to employ your business, and their decision to remain or leave. When they leave in the midst of a project, it may actually have nothing to do with you. Though it is still difficult for you to accept, it could be that the client is just not really completely committed to success; you may have already received indications of this through missed appointments, etc.; or it could be their own personal or financial situation as well.

Review feedback, if you have received any, and first determine the truth of it. Based on your findings, make changes if any are warranted. Talk positively with yourself about the event. Also review your policies and address this issue if you have not already, and develop policies which might turn such a situation around.

Regardless of the reasons for a client leaving, as a professional you must always take the high road and respond graciously and positively, difficult as that may be. Your reputation and future business depend on it. There is always the possibility that the client may return in the future, and in that event, you may wish to decide your course of action in advance through specific policies.

In the meantime, there are therapeutic things you might may want to employ to alleviate some of your disappointment; for instance, write a letter or email to the client and express your feelings resulting from their behavior, but do not send it. Many people find this cathartic and relate that shortly after, they feel much better and are ready to move on from the event.

Maybe you need to review your skills to refresh or learn more and your industry. This is where you should always work on providing the best services to your clients. By continuing to educate yourself you not only create more of a demand for your services, but you build confidence in knowing you are always improving who you are and what you have to offer.

Above all, do not dwell on the event or continually question your abilities. Instead focus on the positive – your other clients. As a successful business professional, you have many positive experiences to help restore your confidence and self-esteem. Dwell on these instead, then let go and move on.

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