The Benefits of Having a Solid CRM in Your Business

Real estate agents have several choices when it comes to adding a CRM (Customer Relation Management) to their business.  But, remember just because Rita Realtor has a CRM system that she loves doesn’t mean that same system will work for you.

Click on the video: The Benefits of Having a Solid CRM in Your Business to hear what is important to your CRM.

As a business owner you need to spend some time researching CRM’s to find that one that fits your personality, business and offers you the tools you need.

The sole purpose of having a good CRM for your business is to help you stay up to date on each contacts relationship with you, which will help you determine how you will interact with them and how to build the relationship going forward.    Look at the CRM program to help you with 3 types of client relationships.

Prospects – capture and convert
Current Clients – Stay in touch tools to keep your current buyer or seller informed
Past Clients – to nurture the relationship to build clients for life.

Your CRM system should be one that works in a way that is easy for you to maneuver through.  It does not need to be complicated, frustrating and over whelming.  When looking at a CRM you will want to make sure it offers the tools you need.

Here a few features to consider “MUST HAVE’” for your CRM.

  • Contact Records that you can details and notes
  • Add Birthdays and home anniversaries
  • Reminders
  • Task Management
  • Drip Campaigns – can they be customized
  • MLS Integration
  • Action Plans for Listings and Closings – Can they be customized
  • Integration with Popular Lead Capturing Sites – Zillow,, your website, etc
  • Cloud-Based Program
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Branding Capabilities

The following features offer nice benefits and depending on other systems you have in place, they may be beneficial to your business.

  • Website Integration
  • Bulk Email Service
  • Newsletter Functionality – can it be customized

If you Google Real Estate CRM, you are likely to give up after just a few minutes of scrolling. The options seem to go on forever and you will feel like you need a degree to determine which one offers the best features for the best value.

Just when you think you have made a decision, a new one hits the market and you are stuck again. After 20+ years helping agents grow their business with solid real estate principles, I have a few favorites. If you don’t have the time to evaluate them all or just want to pick from the cream of the crop, schedule a preview of these options and pick the one that best meets your needs.

Top Producer-This tried and true system was one of the first and continues to deliver years later. Easy to use after a quick introduction, it offers a moderately priced system with many features and great support for implementing the program and using it to its maximum functionality.

IxactContact-Newer to the market than Top Producer but with similar functionality and features, this program is extremely easy to use and offers fast answering when you call support. This moderately priced program includes a free website but does cost extra for IDX integration.

LionDesk-This program is one of the least expensive options available and has built a following from younger agents interested in integrating multiple platforms like texting and bulk email functionality into their CRM.

Wise Agent-For lower priced options, Wise Agent has a robust list of features and users claim its intuitive nature, ease-of-use and great customer support keep them here long after their free trail is over.

Before you start researching the solutions to determine what is best for you, make a list of the features you think you need. It can be easy to get caught up in the moment during a presentation by a savvy salesperson and select a CRM with features you have no intention of using. Making a list in advance will help avoid this.

No CRM can do the work for you and no matter what the salesperson promises, there will be some time involved in setting up and implementing the CRM into your business so plan for that and make the transition knowing that.

Remember, no CRM will work if you don’t do your part so as you are integrating your CRM into your business, use it daily to learn the program and build the strong database you are looking for. Now, it’s time to put away your old address book and assorted sticky notes to begin running your bu

siness for long term success.

To help you figure out what you need from a CRM I have put together a checklist, so you can start mapping out what you want and need before you start looking.  By having this checklist you will find that you are organized in what your business needs, but remember to evaluate it every year to make sure it grows with you.

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