The Ultimate Expired Listing System

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Whether you’ve been stuck on the sidelines waiting for the “right time” to create an Expired Listing System or struggling to generate the life-changing results you’ve been hoping for … this can be the turning point you’ve been waiting for.

Get ready to transform your life and your bottom line by turning expired listings into money in the bank while building your listing inventory.

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What do you get when you purchase The Ultimate Expired Listing System....

  • 7 video lessons on how to create your step-by-step system
  • 10 Postcards with a specific message or call to action
  • 10 Email drip campaign templates designed for the Seller
  • 10 Letters that will attract the sellers' attention with a call to action
  • Scripts created for you to schedule that 1st listing appointment
  • Introductory Package - This is the secret sauce to the success of The Ultimate Expired Listing System
  • Worksheets created to keep you organized through the process.
  • How to videos created for those who need a little more help with technology and how to use it to your advantage.
  • Private Facebook Group dedicated to those who use the system.  Get all your questions asked, network and so much more.

Bonus -  We give to you the tools you need to create a profitable Expired Listing System.  We are always offering bonuses for your accomplishments, extra training, and support from the Kim Hughes Team  who brings over 80 years of combined real estate experienceYes, we are that experienced.

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Read what some of the real estate agents who are using this program are saying about this fool-proof system.....

The first week working with Kim and her team with The Ultimate Expired Listing System I listed a $1.1M home that I would have never listed without this system!  I am excited to see how this program will take my business to the next level.   
Christina | Georgia


I've been using The Ultimate Expired Listing System for 2 years with Kim and her team.  I have listed more homes through her system, built a solid referral database, and increased my revenue.  I have listings that I would never have listed these properties if it hadn't been for Kim and her team helping me run this program.
Kimberlee | Colorado


I got my first expired listing appointment.  I wouldn't have started doing this again if I hadn't signed up with you for this expired system! 
~ Pat | Louisiana


As a new agent, I was not sure where to start.  Implementing The Ultimate Expired Listing System into my business opened opportunities that I would have missed otherwise.
~ Mark | Texas
client connection buy nowThe Ultimate Expired Listing System has been beta-tested for over 25 years and is proven to work if followed through. If you are ready for some serious business growth then this will be a great system for those real estate agents who are willing to put in the work.  This is not another shiny object being dangled in your face.  This is a system that will be a bonus to building your business and offers you financial rewards helping you build relationships that otherwise you would not have.

When it comes to managing your Ultimate Expired Listing System you have options:

    1. You can customize your system and manage it yourself
    2. Have Kim Hughes & Company customize your system for you and you manage it yourself
    3. Have Kim Hughes & Company customize and manage the system for you.

If you choose to manage it yourself we have created an Amazon Storefront so all you have to do is click on the below link and order all the supplies.  We made it super easy for you.

Here is the link to Kim's Amazon Storefront.