Top 6 Items You Can Send To Your Real Estate Leads

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The real estate world is doing pretty darn good right now and everyone is busy helping their clients take advantage of a great time to buy.  Interest rates are low and that means buyers are looking to get a piece of the action.

So what do you do now that you have all these leads that are just floating around in space with no direction?

You create a plan.

Every agent must have a lead management strategy; which should go something like this….

Leads broken down into 3 groups

Hot, warm and cold

What do you send them?

  1. Market Stats
  2. Invite to put them on your email listing alerts
  3. Introduce them to mortgage lender
  4. Put on newsletter
  5. Call them
  6. Connect with them on social media

These are the main ingredients to having a successful strategy for generating relationships with your leads.  You want to nurture them in a way that speaks to them.  This will be a personal investment, not a canned one.  You have to reach out and give them top-notch customer service to begin with, so they are so impressed they come to you when they are ready to achieve their real estate goals.

A strategy, or action plan should include:

  • Sending out the market analysis each month
  • Creating your newsletter and emailing it to your leads
  • Connecting with them on social media
  • Set them up on your email list alert account.

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