Ultimate Expired Listing System – Lesson 4

Welcome to Lesson 4!

When you create your expired listing system you have to keep in mind there are several moving parts to it and you must be organized to make it work for you, and all of those details can distract you and then you feel overwhelmed and not achieve the goal of having a successful expired listing system in place.

We are going to take this step by step to map out the system that works for you. I’ve taken all my experience in working with agents to create a system that will include all the details, so you do not have to re-create the wheel. Now let’s get started.

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Every time you accomplish a goal know that the universe feels your excitement and we all are doing a happy dance to celebrate YOU!


Because we know that success doesn’t exist in a vacuum. When you win—We all win and you are proving that when you do the work, you get results.