What are Your Goals with Social Media?

I am not going to tell you that your Facebook Page, Twitter or Instagram accounts or LinkedIn profile will sell houses (they won’t). What your posts on these social media accounts are for is to keep you in front of your clients, friends, family and prospective clients so that when they are ready to buy or sell, you are front of their mind as a real estate expert and they reach out to you first.

It can be challenging to keep up with multiple social media accounts and post to them regularly without it distracting you from more critical parts of your business. There are many social media solutions that will allow you to schedule your social media posts in advance so that you regularly post to your various accounts even if you get busy and can’t do it every day.

There are multiple free and paid programs available that you can use to make it easier for you to schedule posts in advance. Here are some solutions to investigate if you want to add this to your plan. Many of these platforms offer free accounts so you can experiment with it and determine if it will work for you.




Post Planner

Scheduling posts once a week is an effective way to ensure the information you want to share gets shared when you want to share it. It is so easy to get distracted when a buyer asks to look at a house, a closing or inspection takes longer than you expect or you need a day off.

The goals you have for your social media presence may help you decide which platform will work best for you, your market and your community. These social media scheduler programs can help you schedule your posts, manage the post, monitor the pages, give you insights/reports and help you stay organized so you can respond appropriately to interactions and stay engaged with your followers.

Now that you know how to schedule your posts, what should you post? Obviously, you should share information about the properties you have listed. Your sellers expect this and will be looking for it.

One way you can manage content is to create a Pinterest board where you pin different articles and ideas you would like to share on social media. Then, when are scheduling your social media posts for the week, your Pinterest board can provide the ideas you need without you having to search for them.

What else should you post? Share a variety of items relevant to homeowners as well as items relevant to the area you live in. You will also want to balance that with other non-real estate content. If your content is extremely real estate heavy, you will lose the attention of your followers. Some people aren’t interested in buying or selling real estate now or in the near future and if that is all you post about, they will tune out all of your posts.

Because of the algorithms in place with the various social media accounts, interaction is critical. If your pages aren’t getting interaction, rethink what you are posting. When someone does comment on one of your posts, respond in some way. The more interaction you have on your posts, the greater exposure that post and future posts will receive.

Another thing to watch is the time of day you post things. Evaluate your social media insights to determine the best time of day to schedule your social media posts based on when your followers are online.

Lastly, consistency is key is the scheduling of your posts will help improve this but stick with it. Social media is a long-term approach. It’s not going to give results like making phone calls or an open house where you get instant feedback but will provide you and your listings added exposure over time.

Get creative with your social media engagement, find the best scheduler out they’re that fits your needs and then set aside some time to devote to writing important real estate articles for your community, events that are going on, new businesses coming in or highlight a business, school, student, community services, etc.  Make it all engaging and you will see a world of difference in how your audience connects with you.

Here at Kim Hughes & Company we offer to work with our agents in their social media.  We can create the strategy, the original content for you and your audience from real estate, new listings, community events and so much more.  If you are interested in taking your social media to new heights then we should talk about how you can accomplish this goal.

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