What Does Your Real Estate Listing Checklist Look Like?

As a real estate agent just starting out, it can be hard to build your business to the point where you have a consistent inventory of listings for sale. While buyer clients are great to have, they can take up a lot of time and sometimes after all that time, they decide not to buy or never find the house they are looking for. Building your business so that you maintain a steady inventory of homes for sale can help you add some consistency to your income.

When you first start listing houses, it can be overwhelming to figure out what you need to do for each house and not overlook something. If you are listing homes without a listing checklist, that’s like baking cookies without a recipe. The results will likely be inconsistent and less than desirable. Having a plan when you start the process will improve the service you deliver and allow you to manage your time better so you can serve more clients at one time.

What Does Your Real Estate Listing Checklist Look Like?

When you start putting your checklist together, think of everything you do when you list a home and try to put it all together. Some items to include are

  • Putting the listing in MLS
  • Scheduling photo session
  • Creating brochures or fliers
  • Putting up the sign
  • Creating the Lockbox
  • Scheduling an open house
  • Preparing your Just Listed posts cards
  • eBlasting the listing to your database
  • Promoting the listing to your local and out of area agents
  • Promotion on Social Networks
  • Setting Feedback System
  • Scheduling Seller Reports

You can always choose to skip some items if they aren’t necessary for a certain listing, but you don’t want to forget them when you get multiple new listings in the same week and are trying to get everything done. Don’t forget the things you need to follow up on later in the listing. Everything won’t happen just in the first few days. Many other tasks that will need to be done throughout the listing so include those as well.

Download this sample listing checklist to get you started but make sure to spend a little time customizing it to meet your needs. When you have a thorough listing checklist put together, you need to decide how you are going to manage your checklist, so you can keep up with what’s been done on each listing and when it is time to work on the next one. A good real estate CRM will have a section for managing listings where you can add your checklist then apply it to each listing. As you work on different tasks throughout the listing, you will need to be able to track what you have completed and get reminders when it is time to complete the next task. The other nice thing about a CRM is it will keep track of the items you have done so you can share the information with your sellers to keep them informed.

My very popular Listing Coordination Spreadsheet is also a tool you can use within your team to stay up-to-date on how that listing is marketed.

Like anything, a little planning can make a big difference and listing homes is no different. Take a little time to create a checklist that will take your business to the next level, and before you know it, you will be a listing machine.

Not to mention organized, excited about how your business is moving forward and your sellers are referring you to other because you are on top of it.

Need help putting together your real estate listing checklist, not sure how to set up your CRM or just don’t have the time, but understand the importance?  Reach out to me and let’s talk about how Kim Hughes & Company can help you put your business in order.

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